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I have owned a Harman Kardon AVR745 for about 6-7 years now, and so far it has treated me very well. I love the warm sound it offers - apart from being a little buggy it's been a great receiver, but it just recently is about gone. I have to continuously unplug it just to watch tv to give it a little reset.

I would love some feedback on a comparable receiver. I do not have a complicated system, but I've got a pretty decent speaker setup of Revel Concerta F12s, C12, M12s, and a B12.

Please offer any input you can. I've been a little out of the A/V loop lately.

Thank you in advance!

Jay N.

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Hi. Thanks for the response. I'm not sure how much I'd like to spend honestly. I'd say between 1k and 2k, so not a huge budget, but I know I can get something pretty nice for that money.

I'll briefly answer other questions below..


Networking? Not important

Multi-zone? Yes, that would be important

Upconversion? Not necessary

Upscaling? No

Pre-outs? No

Macro remote? No


Wii? No, But have PS3/Bluray


BD? No


Turntable? No

Magnavox Odyssey? Hysterical you should ask. As a kid, I actually won an Odyssey 2 in a Froot Loops box. It actually ruined my parents TV somehow. True story.

Thanks for your time, it is very appreciated.

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Unfortunately, Denon only has the 3312 or 4311($1100 or $2000). Both are great choices. If you wish some middle ground, and since you like HK, the 7550HD is the current "great buy" if you can live without certain "new features"...which it seems you can. Another great one is the NAD T747, it has been around $600 while it is being clearanced.

Between the NAD T747 and HK 7550HD, anything else is just going to be "more" for the sake of "more".

I purposely stayed away from Pioneer/Yamaha/Onkyo because they all have features you aren't going to use...at a price where the amp section takes 2nd fiddle.

Although, if you can live without multiple crossovers...the Yamaha RX-V667 is a great choice.

You don't "need" to spend big money for power anymore. Although for $2000, if you can live without 3D, step up to a pre-owned Integra DTC 9.8/9.9(either can be had under $800) and get a really good 5 channel amp. Which there are TONS in the $500-$1000 range...new or used.

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Hey Jay,

Those Revel speakers are pretty nice so I would guess you're an audiofile. If you can find one I would try to get your hands on the Denon AVR4311. It does have a few features that you won't use however it's the first in the Denon line up that uses high current amplifiers. It also has great audio and video processing that can really make your DVD's look a lot more like your Bluerays. The multi-zone features are very nice too which sounded like its important to you.

I would also compare the sounds of the different amplifier brands. HK and Denon tend to be a bit more warm sounding than an Onkyo or Yamaha. Denon also uses a calibration software from a 3rd party company called Audyssy. It helps get rid of all of your room imperfections and poor speaker placement. I'm not sure on NAD but I know they make nice stuff.

Also consider Merantz. Basically a Denon in a small chasis and lower pricing to get the high current amplifiers. Pay close attention to what amps are being used. Big power isn't always what it seems.

I personnaly own the 4311 so I am a little bias but it sounds great on my electrostats (Better than my old Sunfire stack) and I can plug just about anything into it and it will look/sound great on my TV/speakers. it can rip your head off with some AC/DC or sound amazingly live on a Rager Waters SACD.

I hope this helps!

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