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Need a new sub! (Looking at Velodyne)

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I just watched Star Wars Episode II last night and I had to turn my sub down 3 times. My Infinty BU2 could not handle all the bass. I have been overwhelmed by the choices, sealed cube, t-line, sonotube, etc. I just bought the TV so my budget is limited. I would like to find a used sub for around $500. I am looking at a Velodyne VA 1512. Anyone familiar with this, is it good for a HT?

My equipment:


Reciever - Sony STRDE835

Sub - Infinity BU2

Center - Infinty CS Video

RF/LF - Infinity Reference 2000.5

RS/LS - Infinty QPS1

DVD - Sony DVPNS755V

VCR - Sony SLVN77

Should I use the new sub in addition to my current one or replace it?

Thanks, Mike
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Velodyne makes excellent subs.

As a rule, mixing dissimilar subs is not a good idea.

They are bound to have different FR curves and therefore will reinforce certain frequencies more than others.

Don't pay much attention as to the method the sub uses to achieve its mission. (Sealed, ported, etc.)

Be sure to get some sort of warranty on the used sub, if you can. Subs live a tough life, in these DVD days.
I have a Velodyne HGS and it's very good.

I also have an Earthquake Super Nova MKIV 12", very good in the HT.

The 12" has the 580 watt amp.

I once had the Sunfire Sig and it was nice for HT, but difficult to control

with music.

Here is a very nice price for a 10" Earthquake.

I'm sure the seller will get his price very fast at $375 shipped.

I listened to this sub at cedia, very impressive.


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Which do you prefer for HT the Velodyne or Earthquake?

Isn't it a little scary buy a used subwoofer? You never know if something started to cross the threshold in terms of stretching the coil, etc. Although I'd love to get a great deal, too, on a subwoofer I am really cautious about buying used unless its local and then still have [paranoid] reservations.

I have adopted one rule of thumb and that is to seriously not consider buying store demo units. Sorry, not knocking the stores, but I know what it is like to be a potential buyer and beating the crap out of the store's subwoofer. Now, imagine that demo unit after 50 or 100 people like myself.

lewarkmd, Audiogon is an interesting place to find new, demo, and used gear, but I would consider caution (as with any place you buy from) and search the ads via your zipcode.
Originally posted by lewarkmd

Which do you prefer for HT the Velodyne or Earthquake? Mike

For home theater the Earthquake has plenty of output in an average size room, Very good with music also.

My set-up or I should say set-ups are a bit different.

My main set up has Mirage OM-5 mains, these are powered towers,

Mirage's flagship speaker.

Each speaker has two 8" subs with 250w amps.

Now with those in play I really only needed a smaller HGS sub for the very sub sonic loud LFE lows.

My second setup has the Earthquake with some smaller shelf speakers.

The Earthquake will rock the house when needed, but yet stay tight and fast for music.

I also had the Paradigm PW-2200 for some time, imo the Earthquake was just a small bit better, Mind you the PW-2200 is very good and I would always buy one again, The foot print was just to large for the room it was moved to and the Black ash finish did not match the gloss black of all my OM speakers, again a reason for the HGS.

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for your type of equipment.. the experts say. get the hsu www.hsuresearch.com
for your type of equipment.. the experts say. get the hsu www.hsuresearch.com
Originally posted by X01E
for your type of equipment.. the experts say. get the hsu www.hsuresearch.com
And who are the experts? How are their 'expertness' measured? Really, what makes an expert? So, no one is an expert unless they 'say get the hsu'? Somehow I think that the 'experts' you are referring to are not the majority or all the other subwoofer companies would be out of business, or everyone isn't listening to your experts. :)
Check out the Klipsch RSW-15.
do it right -----vmps large
One point to consider: I've got two Velodyne HGS-18s, so there is little question about the ability to deliver LFE in my room. With that said, I wanted to turn the subs down during the Clones DVD. The bass on that disc is tremendous to the point of being overdone.

There's invariably going to be a few discs, whether CD or DVD, that torture the subs. I'm only suggesting that this was a bad disc to use for the evaluation of whether you need a new sub. If so, I could've come to the same conclusion.

Nick :cool:
Thanks for all the inputs. I decided to go with the Velodyne VA 1512 for now. In the future I want to try a matched pair of DIY sonotubes.

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