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Alright, my 8600GTS finally bit the big one. I need a new card for my primary PC. I do mostly gaming, hence the need for a discrete video card, but I need a few recommendations. Price is a consideration in all this, but I think I have it narrowed down to 4 possible choices. What I'm looking for is sheer gaming performance. I need to stay nVidia because I want to use Hybrid power for when I'm just surfing the web, etc.

First choice (in no particular order): 2 9800GTX+ cards in SLi (if I go this route will Hybrid power still work?)

Second: A single 9800GX2

Third: Single GTX260 (216 core)

Forth: Single GTX280. I'm considering the 260 only because I can get a great deal on one, but the 280 is within my range with sales and such.

And of course, if anybody has any suggestions I'm certainly open to them. For what its worth, the M3N HT Deluxe has a 780a chipset. Power supply shouldn't be an issue either. I'm running a Corsair TX750 (or was it an 850, I don't remember off hand) PSU.

I am cross posting this in the HT Gaming area which gets virtually no traffic.
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