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Need a quick answer about my speakers

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Hello all,

I just got my first pieces of equipment for the future HT.

2 M&K S-150THX Ultra's

1 M&K S-150ACTHX Ultra

2 M&K SS-150THX Ultra surrounds

Heres the problem, I really want to hook them up ...but my receiver is a 3-4 year old Dolby Digital/ DTS Pioneer (in the living room) VSX-D608 and the pseakers are 4ohm.

Question... Can I connect them to this receiver to test them out?

Will it harm either speakers or receiver?


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Does your receiver have a 4 ohm/8 ohm switch?

You will probably want to upgrade that receiver ASAP, but you can play stuff at moderate volumes and probalby not damage the amp. If it gets hot, turn it off. Your receiver probably has a thermal protection circuit in any case.
It has a "8-16 ohm" and "less than 6 ohm" switch. and unknowingly it was set at less than 6 for my inexpensive Optimus speakers.

I thought that someone here posted a reason NOT to move the switch off of the 8 ohm setting.

I am not going to use this receiver in the HT, I just want to test them out sionce they were previously owned (still have 6 year of warranty left though whoot!!)
Well I couldn't stand it so I connected the L-C-R's up and plopped in The Matrix's opening Scene.

Sounded pretty good for no sub in the mix. I dont remember ever hearing the agents and police feet running across the tin roof while chasing Trinity, before. Cool!!!

So they are unhooked again and will probally remain unhooked until the HT is built. :(

For those who have the M&K's, since I have 2 of the SS-150's would you recommend another set of these for the rest of the surrounds??

I am probally going to try nad find another set of the same surrounds and add a SVS 20-39
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Welcome to the M&K family. Now that you've bought the M&K's, you're going to have to rewatch every movie you can because you are now hearing them the way they were intended to be heard by the director/sound mixer etc. I'm sure you know this, but the majority of major studios etc use M&K's and as you've experienced with The Matrix you're going to hear things in movies and music that you've probably never noticed before.

I've got 2 S150's for FL/FR, an S150AC for C, and 4 SS150's for SR/SL/SBR/SBL, along with 2 MX350 subs. I'd definitely recommend adding 2 more SS150's for SBR/SBL. I run all 4 SS150's in tripole mode, but they're all around 8-10ft from my listening area. The circular sweep on the AVIA/DVE disks are seemless.

If you've got yor receiver set so that the speakers are set to "small" you'll probably be alright. Unfortunately, w/o a sub you'll lose alot below ~80hz, but those speakers were designed for use with a sub anyway and weren't designed to go below 77 hz or so anyway. Again, as you probably know, M&K was one ofpioneers of the satellite/sub speaker configuration.
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What are you using to power these bad boys. I am leaning towards a Pioneer Elite receiver, but since the whole project is just starting I will look more activly into the whole receiver thing closer to the completion of the HT. I am going to try to stay around $1000 or less. Kinda funny since it will be driving $6000 worth of speakers..huh :)

Also any one here running the M&K's with a non M&K sub? I am leaning towards a SVS 20-39 but closer to the completion might dictate something else.
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