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need a quick help

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i just boubht a 2nd xbox for my room hooked up to my samsung 215tw

i bought the psyclone source selector (psc01) from bestbuy

the unit works fine only problem is that

if i start to hook my my verizon fios settop box to the selector my xbox 360 picutre will get distored and start flashing even tho the unit is set at input 1 and the cable box is set at input 3

i tired many other ways such as move the xbox to input 4 and the cable box to input 2 or 1

but if i switch to whichever port the cable box is connected to the tv will look wonderful without any problem just i can't connect any cables from the cable box or my 360 wont work they both using componet cables

is this unit defective?
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I just had vios installed and have the psyclone. I have the same problem, not just with xbox360, but with all other component video hooked up exect the fios. If i disconnect the green component lead from the fios (cable) box the interference goes away. Tech support from verizon said it might be from the high level signal coming from verizon and the psyclone is being affected. Hope this helps. He recommended checking the input spects for the psyclone.
what i did was bought a cheap selector supports hd and i just returned the psyclone
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