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Hey Guys,


New to the forum. Been looking all over the internet reading reviews of devices and finally just settled on asking. So far the Dune HD Base 3D, KDLinks HD 700 and the Micca EP 350 G2 seem like they have most of the features I am looking for. I was wondering which ones also had support for the following features (could not get a definitive answer for all of them online so far):


-live playlist support (so I can "jukebox" it)

- youtube, Pandora, Spotify?

-video playlists

- social media apps

-smart phone compatibility (import playlists etc.)


Any information would be helpful. If there are any suggestions for alternative devices I do have some specifications mandated by my home theater system:


-YPbR output (I have an 8x8 switcher and am not springing for an HDMI version...)

-wide ranging codec support

-Both PC and Mac support ideal though PC essential

-analog audio output (for the mixer)


Thanks guys



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Top 3 Media players:

Mede8er, Dune and PCH.

Other media players:


I don't recommend:

Micca at all.

KDLinks some people like them others don't.

What you want doesn't exist in a media player. Some features do, but not all of them. Therefore, I would suggest for you to make a HTPC. Google is your friend. If you need more information about the media players I've mentions there are threads of them already.
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