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Need a record-all no-frills DVD Recorder

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Could anyone please recommend a DVD Recorder that has no built in copy right restrictions when making recordings from other media, mostly from TV shows (If such a machine exists that is). I am willing to forego any of the newer playback features as I have an alternate DVD player for wathing movies. I would just like to get a DVD Recorder that I am able to use to make copies to DVD of any material from any source, even if it is thru a known tested hack/code upgrade.

Also, any opinion on all those "code-free" "region-free" "international-version" dvd recorders for sale on the Internet, would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Other than hacks I don't think such a recorder exists. I believe they are all supposed to enforce copy restrictions. Some may not enforce it as accurately as others though.
hmm search for an ilo04 or liteon 5045,5006 models :) .
Thanks for the replies. I would like to clarify that I am not looking to copy movies from DVDs. Rather, I just want a DVD Recorder that would replace my VCR and let me record programming from any channel. I keep reading in reviews how certain Recorders won't record from HBO etc.
If HBO (or whatever network), and/or the Cable Company, puts the programming out with the so-called Broadcast Flags that prevent copying, then, as I tried to explain above, NO DVD Recorder is supposed to be able to copy it. So only if you find one with a faulty copy protection system will you get around this protection, or introduce a device into the signal path that removes the copy protection.
does using something like a sima 200 easily remove the copy protection,or is it much more difficult to get around it?
I've read around here that it will work for that. I have no personal experience with such devices. A search should reveal many discussions of them though.
I think some have had success and some haven't. All I know is that the most broadcast flag complaints seem to center around the newest Sony's and Toshibas. I've not head of any complaints from Pio and Panny owners. My Sony RDR-HX900 and Panny E85 have never had any problem with it.
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