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Need a TV, any suggestions?

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My 1st post...Hello to all.

Ive been on these forums alot since I signed up and got tons of useful info. So, first off let me just start off by saying thank you to everyone here.

Im in the Market for an LCD 46"

I wouldnt mind getting a plasma, but I do play alot of video games and I heard LCD is better for that.

Need to get it from SEARS... (Putting it on credit card)

I was basically looking at the Vizio Models, due to price.

But I Really want to stick with sony, or samsung. But at 46" the price goes close to 2000$ . I would like to stay below 1500$ if possible.

Any suggestions? This will be my 2nd hdtv, Im moving on the 1st of feb, and this tv will be going in the living room with comcast hd, and a ps3. Im stuck because one minute ill have my mind set on 1, then ill read some bad things and change again. Any help will be greatly appreciated...thanks

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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