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Hey, guys!
I’m looking for an amplifier for my cassette deck (use Pioneer CT-W204 and Technics RS-608)
I've already search some of reachable price stuffs.
As a newbie in this stuff, I need some advice and recommendations to select a good one. And if you don't mind, please give me the list by their grade (start from the best one) from these stuffs:
Aiwa SP22
Creek CAS 4040 S1
Grundig MXV 100
Harman Kardon HK1400
Kenwood KA-60
Marantz 3200
NAD 3060
Pioneer A-5
Pioneer A-6
Sansui A-5
Sansui A-707
Sansui AU-101
Sansui AU-2200
Sansui AU-4900
Sansui AU-555A
Technics SU-800
Technics SU-V6X
Technics SU-Z25

Thanks for your kindness, and my warm regards from Indonesia.

I use Pioneer CT-W204 and Technics RS 608 cassette decks with a "little" equalizer Technics SH-8028 and a pair of classic speakers with 4 Ohm loads.
Most of my tape collections are progressive rock and classic rock music, and I’ll use it for my living room (6 x 5 meters room).
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