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I am looking for 2.1 channel speaker set for around 2500 rupees(40$)....


One of my friend's dad makes custom speakers and agreed to make one for me...


The price he is fixing is 3500 rupees (56$)

for a subwoofer of 100watts    - 6 inch bass driver

2 speakers of 45 watts each

Total rms watts ~200

and an amplifier ( with a 3.5mm jack, usb port, bass treble and master volume control, tv-video-mp3 toggle, and a remote)


The rms rating is wayy above my needs, and when i asked him whether he can reduce the total rms to 100 , he is saying that it might affect clarity or something... Is that so??




And mainly how will i know the rms wattage will be as he says it would be...




i went to his house tested the 5.1 speaker system they keep in their house, sub with 12 inch driver unit, and a big amp,


he straight away increased bass and treble to high , i think he did that to impress me with the bassy vibration and stuff...and he did..i was literally bouncing on the sofa..


I think he is trying to sell me out , i dont know..Help and advice is appreciated



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