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Need advice for calibration services

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I have four very stupid and basic questions prior contacting a professional to calibrate my display (sorry if these questions were asked before):

A) I watch TV mainly at night time in our family room, should the set be calibrated at night?

B) DirecTV looks really bad (I keep it since is the provider with most international channels - profession and background requires it). Will calibration help to get a better image?

C) I currently have a 50' LCD rear projector but I want to upgrade to a 60' plasma or 60' DLP. Prior buying a new set, should I contact the calibrator and ask for recommendations on which specific set to buy within my budget based on his professional experience?

D) I'm planning in buying a receiver later on to build my 7.1 system. Should I wait until I buy the receiver to calibrate?

Thanks all for your help
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Anyone? Are these questions so stupid that they don't deserve an answer?

Guys! You all rock here, just two minutes of your time.

Thanks all

If you have good light control, then night or day time calibration is irrelevent. A dark bedsheet on a TV usually simulates night time viewing.

Things like cable and satellite will improve a bit ... but not as much as you'd like. File that in the unrealistic expectations department. Calibrators cannot magically add detail into signals that have no detail. That will cost you considerably more. Many trillions of dollars in fact ... to upgrade the infrastructure.

Call him and ask ... not necessarily for a specific brand ... but for info on tech strength and weakness. I never recommend brands ... I tell the client to give me a brand and I tell them the good and the bad ... and I let them pick. What works for me may not work for you.

Audio calibration is important only if you want the calibrator to do that part ... assuming they offer that service. TV calibrators don't always offer audio calibration. But if you want the audio part done, then best have that part in place ... or what is the point?

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