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Need Advice for rear stereo speakers?

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Not sure if I labelled this post right or if I got the right subforum, but here's my situation.

My parents main living room 18-year-old JVC 27" crt TV is finally going out (thank god) and they are looking to upgrade.

One of the things that tv has that I've never see before is the option for rear stereo speakers, where you can just clip in the bare speaker wire like on the back of a surround sound receiver. The rear speakers just output the exact same audio as the speakers built into the TV. My parents use this feature a lot since the TV is pretty far away from the couch (20ft maybe?), so they don't have to turn it up really loud to be able to hear it.

My question is, is this possible on modern day TV's, how would one go about doing this, or what kind of speakers, etc would be needed. I'm familar with surround sound, receivers, and HDTVs but not in electronics in general. So I'm not sure if it just something common that I'm not aware of cause I don't use or if they may need some special equipment or parts to make it happen. They don't need nor want surround sound or any extra components.

So basically they just need to be able to hook up two extra speakers that output the same audio as the TV's built in speakers. Also the option to turn off these extra speakers is highly wanted too.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.
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So no one has any input on this?
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