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Need advice from Harman Kardon Pros

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I just bought Klipsch RF-35s, RC-35, and RS-35s and a SVS PC20-39pci. I have an old Sony STR-DE825 with no DTS. I want to upgrade to a better receiver, but want to wait for HK to come out with DPLIIx. So I want to buy a cheap receiver to hold me over with DTS and a little better sounding than the old Sony.

I am looking at HK AVR130 for $300 shipped or HK AVR125 for $190 shipped. Or a Denon AVR1403 for $125 shipped

Is the newer HK unit worth the extra 100 bills. They seem to have everything the same to me, but am I missing something?

Thanks all!!!
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Before I eventually wound up purchasing my H/K receiver, I did a lot of research between H/K and Denon.

To be honest with you, I did not find much at all to differentiate the two, both getting very good scores on quality, sound, power, etc.

If you are just wanting to buy a receiver for the next year or two to hold you over for your "big" receiver purchase later, than I would go with the cheaper Denon. That said, you can't go wrong either way in my opinion.

Good luck.
I did the same thing & chose the HK125 for my `Hold Over Receiver'

It has been great. I'll be moving to a big brother HK soon.

You have a PM from me.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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