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Need Advice - have narrowed it down...

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Hey Guys (ladies too) I think I have narrowed it down:

Onkyo 603 or 702

Denon AVR 1906 or 786s or maybe 1706(but i doubt this one).

this is what I need for now and there won't be much change in the future ( yea- right)

1 s-video

3component in -

upconverting - sure

I have a panny 900 that will upscale.

sill unsure of dvd - depends on receiver.


I watch HDTV and Movies 80% and Music 20%.

Music % could change if I find the right receiver.

I need to upgrade bad - don't laugh - currently I have a Kewood 1080 VR - 10 yrs old.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

ps - today i just picked up an Onkyo 901 for $600 just in case it was too good to pass up.
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