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Hello, I did search here for answers but if someone can point us in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.

Our club has physical meetings with online attendees via Skype. We normally have 15-20 people in the room and about the same number connecting online. Most often, the Skype connection is awful (dropped connections, "warbling", etc) and we're wondering whether if the problem is bandwidth, software or equipment or maybe some combination of all 3.

The meetings are usually held in a hotel meeting room with a PC laptop connected via hotel WiFi and hosting the Skype (audio only) session. We have some small speakers for the laptop and a USB mike for the room.

Thinking that thin hotel bandwidth was our main problem, we tried to reduce the in-room connections to just the 2 essential computers, but this not made a huge difference, so now we're wondering if Teamspeak would be a better approach or maybe we're just asking too much of hotel WiFi or our equipment.

What say you audio gurus?

Is the bandwidth the most likely culprit?

Would Teamspeak have lower overhead?

Would using a "Personal Hotspot" off an iPad be better for connecting our host computer than sharing the hotel WiFi?

Do we need to upgrade our equipment?

Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions to help us improve the online side.

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