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I have an opportunity to purchase a Electrohome Marquee 9000

projector for a decent price. I do know a good amount about

DLP/LCD projectors, however, Im pretty ignorant when it comes

to CRT's. In fact, I was planning on purchasing a digital projector

until this oportunity came along, afterall the blacks are the BEST

on CRT's, right? :)

Anyway, I was wondering if someone could tell me what to

look for/lookout for when I go to check it out. Unfortunately,

this projector will not be connected to any source, so at most

I will only be able to plug it in. With that said, I have the following


Will that be enough to be able to see if the tubes are good/bad?

How does one know what to look for in determining the quality

of the tubes?

How do I check to see how many hours are on it/the tubes?

Does this projector require any special features/cards that I

should look for?

Is there one particular model year that I should stay away from?

If I do purchase it, what is a reasonable price to pay, if it is

in decent condition?

How difficult is it going to be to mount(ceiling) and get setup/


Another question I have, which is more of a usability question:

I want to be able to watch DirectTV and DVD's on this projector,

will I need a scaler in order to accomplish this? Or can I use

a HTPC instead of a scaler? Which would be a better choice?

I've always thought that CRT's were not for me, due to the fact

that the tubes cost lots of $$$ to replace, and the whole

calibration/setup and size factor is pretty discouraging, however,

I might be willing to put some time and $ into getting one

if it is not too dificult to maintain and setup.

I look forward to your response.



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Not sure what to tell you to look for to make sure its ok, but a good price would be about $4000 I *think* ..... However, be prepared for some install fees, as setting one up properly isnt for your everyday movie watcher - its pretty much enthusiasts only, and then only those willing to put some major time and effort into learning. THe only people I know who are into CRT's are those who either have a dealer do all the work, or those who spend hours of the day reading forums like these and talking about it :) - but on the other hand, once properly installed, it should give you a few years of relatively trouble free work and the best picture you can imagine!!! I will take it if you get tired of it!
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