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Call me what you will, cheap, stuck in the stone age, BUT I want to use my Lexicon DC-1 in my new media room. Will it work.........

It will have a:

Key Digital 1080p Digital Video Processor

42" 1080p LCD

Sony Pearl 1080p projector

100" Electric Stewart Firehawk SST

Lexicon DC-1

Carver Cinema Grand Amp

Definitive Technologies Front, Rear & Center Channels



Here's where I need opinions!

I figured that I will route all video through the Video Processor. Use the DC-1 for the surround sound when playing the projector. When playing the LCD, use its speakers.

Also, what would i need to do to run music through out the house using the DC-1 zone 2?

Any ideas? good, bad & the ugly!

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I saw you posted this at SMR forums, and I answered you there.

I thought I would post the same answer here for others to see.

I have nearly the same setup as you.

I have the Lumagen HDQ with the DC-1. The Key Digital unit can be connected in a similar way

All my video sources go into the HDQ, while all digital audio sources go to the DC-1.

I also connect the analog L/R audio from my D* HD-Tivo to the display directly, so I can watch regular TV w/o the sound system. The audio then comes out of the TV speakers, but only for that one source.

When I watch other sources, I must use the sound system and mute the TV sound.

My video sources into the HDQ are:

Tosh HD-A1 via HDMI -> DVI

HD-Tivo via HDMI -> DVI

RP-82 via SDI

RP-91 via Component

HTPC via VGA --> DVI-A

My display is a 65" Mits RP CRT fed via DVI out of the HDQ.

All of the above have digital audio sources connected to the DC-1.

I use a switch for one of the S/PDIF coax connections since the DC-1 only has 4 inputs.

The setup works great for me.

Only thing I need now is a multi-channel input

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