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Need advice on a 50" rear projection TV

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Can someone please suggest which would be the best 50" rear projection TV to buy? I was looking to buy a plasma 42" Panasonic TH-42PA20UP but I saw that 42" is a little too smal for my living room, and I can buy at least a 50" rear projection for the same price or cheaper. Is the quality on the projection really much worse than the plasma? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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I was considering an EDTV plasma also, but the smaller screen, burn-in, and non-rear VGA input on Panny 42" drove me away.

I ended up getting Panasonic PT-50LC13, LCD RPTV.

Another contender is Hitachi 50HV500, LCD RPTV. It supposedly has better PQ, but has issues w/ inputs.

GWIII will also be out soon.

Samsung DLP are nice, but expensive & w/ some quirky issues.

Check out info on some of the various large threads here.
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