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Need advice on a cheap receiver

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Hello all,

I'm new to the forum, and I hope to learn a lot about AV here. As I'm slowly reading up on everything, I'm looking for a receiver that can power the Energy Take 5.2 with S8.2 sub. I'd prefer not to spend more than about $200-250 on the receiver, and I need something with at least 2 digital optical inputs. I don't particularly care much about HDMI upconversion, and I don't require 7.1. I really just want something that sounds good and provides clean power to my speakers. This will be my first HT setup, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here are a few that I'm currently considering (sorry... I would include direct links, but I'm unable to due to the 3 post minimum rule):

Refurb Harman Kardon AVR 254: ~$225 shipped from through Harman on eBay (I read in another thread they accept offers as low as $225 on eBay)

New Onkyo TX-SR304: ~$150 shipped from accessories4less

Refurb Onkyo TX-SR307: ~$190 shipped from accessories4less

Refurb Onkyo TX-SR506: ~$192 shipped from accessories4less

Refurb Marantz SR3001: ~$224 shipped from accessories4less

I would definitely consider other units not on this list, but I'm just not knowledgeable enough to know what's a good deal in this price range.

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Some of these AVRs do not process audio via HDMI (requiring a separate audio connection) so I think you may want to avoid those, like the 506. Not sure the Onkyo 304 even has HDMI. Look at the Onkyo 507, Pioneer 819.
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