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Hi everyone

I'm looking for a system used mainly for watching TV/movies. Not so much for music as I haven't listened to music on a good system for a long time. If I can find a mid-range system that could satisfy these needs, that would be great. I'll be using this in the living room. No den for HT yet. I'm a newb in AV.

I saw this on sale in Future Shop Canada http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/-/b9003349.aspx?path=d3b0dd820238e2d05a7d46ace4629d62en02 . Basically, it's the Denon 5.1-Channel Receiver (AVR-1613) and Energy Speaker System (Take Classic II). I went to the store to have a listen. I also tried the Pioneer Receiver (VSX-822-K) http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/pioneer-pioneer-700-watt-5-1-channel-network-receiver-with-airplay-vsx-822-k-vsx-822-k/10195913.aspx?path=67940cbbe31d0c93a7d880d0b686ce43en02 with Polk Audio Speakers (RM6750) http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/polk-audio-5-1-home-theatre-speaker-system-rm6750/10077799.aspx?path=422e320dd535d656564bda4968cd43c6en02 set. Both system were adjusted differently and different movies were played. The bass was really good in Captain America on Pioner/PA while Tron is so-so at the Denon.

The Denon set is $200 more than the Pioneer/Pol Audio set. Of course, the store AV guy said reviews will be better for the Denon. I'm thinking of subbing the AVR-1613 with the the Denon AVR-1713.

Anyone has experience with the Pioneer Receiver and Polk Audio speakers? Or is Denon a better bet? I'm going to the store again this weekend with my CD to listen to the systems again. But any advice is appreciated.

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