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Need advice on entrance planning

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Hi guys (and gals)

I am meeting with the architect again soon and need your advice on the entrance

to the theater.

In pict A. I have a double-doors entry ( doors marked with red). This should help with sound isolation. My big concern is that I won`t be able to get big boards, 2x4`s , recliners ect through the doors as indicated by the blue arrow.

In pict B I removed the outer door. The path into the theater is "bigger" now.

What do you guys think. Will I be able to get the stuff through in plan A or will 1 door be good enough for sound isolation. All walls in the house are brick and not drywall. Any othe suggestions would be appreciated.



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Without dimensions on the drawing it is tough to tell. How wide are the doors?

If it were me, I'd go for plan A with 42" doors.
Would it work to put the outer door at an angle?
Sorry, guys. The doors are standard inside doors - inside opening 80cm (32") - standard for S.A. anyway :)
Deane, do you mean something like this?
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