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Need advice on fronts

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I recently bought an Onkyo 705 receiver, and I would like to replace my existing fronts from an older Onkyo HTIB. I would like to get towers. I am looking at spending between $600 and $700.

I was thinking of getting Polk RTI10. The main thing I'm afraid of is if this receiver would be good enough to power these towers or if I will need an amp. My living room is of average size and I do have a powered sub.

Also, does anybody have any other suggestions on towers in this price range?
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Listened to the RTi10's just a couple days ago. Tried them with an Onkyo 505, 75 watts, and compared it to the 805, 140 watts 4 ohm rated. The 505 had no problem driving them. When the 805 was switched over, it did add a bit of fullness and clarity to them. Personally, I would not hesitate buying them and driving them with the 705.

Listen to the RTIA 7 and 9. New version of RTi series. IMHO they sounded much better... fuller, more bass and lower mids, overall a more balanced sound...

fwiw- I could have bought the RTi10's at Fry's for $180 each. After listening to the new A series - I passed... So, maybe dont compare the RTi10 - if you like them, buy them. I went in their to buy them - then made the mistake of comparing them... walked out with nothing... lol
Thanks for the reply. Does anybody else have any expertise they could give me.
The Rti10 are an excellent speaker. If you feel you need to add an amp you could always add something like this.

Behringer A500


Other speakers to consider

PSB Image T55 Tower

AV123 x-mtm encore Tower (These will be release soon. I have auditioned the original mtm's, and they sounded awesome. These should be better)

AV123 Rocket Rocket RS450

Swan Diva 5.1BC
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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