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Hey guys,

Well I have been reading this thread and many others over the past few weeks trying to determine what system build I want for my HTPC.

My current parts:


4gigs DDR2

2 1TB HDs

What I need:



Possibly a Video Card.

I am planning to hook this to my 50inch Samsung Plasma TV and my Yamaha home theater setup.

My reciever does not support HD audio, so my only requirements is LCPM 7.1

Currently here is the products I am looking at


nMEDIAPC Black Aluminum / Acrylic / Steel HTPC 5000B Micro ATX Media Center / HTPC Case


BIOSTAR G31E-M7 LGA 775 Intel G31 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard 32$

with a video card 4000 or 5000 series


XFX MI93007 AS9 LGA 775 NVIDIA GeForce 9300 HDMI Micro ATX Intel Motherboard 80$

Any other motherboard recommendations are welcomed.

I am looking to play WoW at 1080 on my plasma. Would the 9300 be able to push that game at that res or should I upgrade to the 4000 or 5000 series GPU. Both prices will come out as a wash for the most part, but honestly I dont know what is best. It's going to be primary a HTPC build but i might wow on it from time to time.

Second part of my question, best way to rig up my PC to my TV and reciever. Should i go HDMI to the TV then HDM from the TV to my reciever, or HDMI to TV and optical out to my reciever. I have read a lot and still confused, I dont know what will provide me with the best setup.

Your recommendations will push my build, i really dont know much about this stuff and if you guys say go with the iGPU over the the other setup im good, I just want to build the best setup which will give me some older gaming at high res and great HD picture.

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You must connect your HDMI audio/video from PC --> Receiver --> TV. It won't work properly any other way.

I don't know about the Biostar (unfamiliar with that brand) but I'd definitely go the ATI 5000 route. I don't think a Nvidia 9300 would run WoW at 1080p well. And if buying ATI, you should go 5000. Right now you don't have a HD receiver, but you may want to in the future and your HTPC will be ready for it. It'll also be more capable for any other game you may decide to play on it.
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