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Need advice on my directv setup, including recommendation on 5x8 multiswitch

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I posted this over in the dss area, but not much traffic, I figured I'd try here too

I've been using directv for the past 6 years, and I've got a 18x24 channelmaster dish, aspen eagle 5x4 multiswitch.

My setup was working great, but now I'm concerned about the signal strength levels. The strengths on sat A range from 60-99, sat B 75-85 and sat c 50-70's.

I've tried tweeking the tuning (i did the install myself, this is my second self install). This time I tried to get the help of a monster sat finder to help with the tuning.

How can signal strengths on a bird has some transponders be in the high 90's while others are at 70 and below? Signal strength is the strength of the signal, correct? If the signal isn't strong data will be lost and the image will suffer.

I'm also in need a 5x8 multiswitch and need recommendations. What works well, what doesn't? My current AE 5x4 multiswitch gives a little more of a signal drop than the 4x4 switch that came with the dish. If I remeber it was a difference on the signal meter of mid 70's to low 80's 5-10 point difference.

I've looked at the following 5x8 multiswitches...

Terk BMS-58

Aspen Eagle S-4180-GX+

Spaun ????

Channel Vision Sat-HD58

I've also heard there were problems with some of the channel master 18x24 dishes, but I've never seen a report of what exactly the problems were. Does anyone know?

Lastly, is there any reason why in a clear line of sight (no obstructions even close to the dish pointing. I shouldn't be getting levels close to 100? I'm also in the sf bay area, 95% of the time weather isn't a factor.
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While thinking all this over....

Is there a way I can use the 4x4 multiswitch that came with the unit AND the 5x4 Aspen Eagle? I've seen cascading multiswitch setups, but I don't understand how that works or is wired. (Nor do I know if the AE MS I have would work in that setup...)
I just went through this, according to greywolf (Pat), the Aspen Eagle S-4180-GX+ but not the Aspen Eagle S-4180-GX can be cascaded.

It does need to have all 4 inputs connected.

http://www.eagleaspen.com/product15.htm has several application charts with wiring diagams, one of them should meet your needs.
Eagleaspen finally got a website? It took me forever to find out they were PBI when I needed info on my current multiswitch over a year ago...

Thanks Jim, they got some pretty crazy setups over there. Two things, did you get an AE MS? If so what do you think, good signal strengths? And the GX+ is the one that can be cascaded, right?
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