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Need advice on Onkyo HT-S907 system

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Hello everyone, I am new to the forum but have been reading and am impressed with the knowledge of the members so I am asking for advice. I am in need of upgrading our surround sound system. My only needs are it has to include a DVD changer and the option of a B speaker or dual zone system as I run speakers outside by the pool. I have been reading a lot of reviews on the Onkyo systems and am quite impressed but there is not very much information on this forum of the HT-S907 symstem. It looks like it could fit my bill and can be had for around 730 dollars via Amazon with free shipping.The receiver in the system looks like it could be used down the road with upgraded speaker package but I would use the existing ones for a while. I do like the 7.1 systems with the fact that I could always use it as a 5.1 system and use the extra speakers some where else. I realize this is a bit more expesive than most HTIB but I am hoping the quality is worth it. Thanks
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I have the DVD changer that that system includes, paired with a lesser HTiB, and I love it. I think this particular system should be weighed against getting the standalone Onkyo receiver and better speakers/sub, but for a complete all in one, it's not too shabby.
I got this system about 3 months back. This is my first home theater. I moved to 907 after using and AIWA mini (NSXA555) for about 6 yrs. I have to say ... I am very pleased with the system. I feel that I have received the value for my money.

But there are a couple of things that I think are worth mentioning. I feel that the weakest part in the entire system are the speakers. (They are still great but could have been better). They look neat and impressive but fail to deliver that extra mile sometimes. I have a mark and levinson system in my car and compared to that system the speakers here seem a little bit muffled and faded. The Audyssys equalizer on my 604 had set these speakers as full band, and after much trial and error I realized that I should not give any sound input to these speakers that is below 80Hz. They mess up the bass sound. I manually configured my equalizer settings and everything sounds great.

The DVD player and receiver are pretty cool. The receiver runs a bit hot but that is normal. I am sure that I will happily stick to this for several years. After a few years I will gradually upgrade it starting with speakers.
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I have this system and have been very pleased so far. I got it refurbished from shoponkyo for $619 shipped. Figured for the price, couldn't beat it.
I haven't found any other decent HTiB combo that has HDMI input/output AND sep dvd player. I'm about to pull the trigger on this system as well, been comparing the HT-S894 vs HT-S907. About the only major differences I can see are the power ratings (which isn't an issue for me since my TV room is only 12x10), 5.1 vs 7.1, and single-disc vs 6-disc. Amazon's got both systems for right around $740-750, so I figure I might as well get the 907.

Pricing out separate components (dvd player, speakers, receiver w/ HDMI) comes out to at least $1k in my research. This system seems like a very good bargain.

Thanks for the tip on shoponkyo. Will check it out.
Hi All,

Today after 4 weeks of research I pull the trigger and got the Onkyo 907. I have changed my TV to a New Samsung LNT-4671 as well. I just want to know what kind of cables I need to buy. I want to connect the TV and my computer to this system. I would be grateful for any suggestion.

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