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I need some advice on the best possible receiver for my situation & price range.

My budget is under $1,000 for the receiver.

I'm not looking for video processing as my Panasonic 800U does a good job for video processing. The most important items to me currently are:

1. Has more than 3 HDMI (ver 1.3) inputs and at least one HDMI (ver. 1.3)output that are HDCP compliant

2. Will accept audio through the HDMI inputs

3. Will accept video from the HDMI input and this pass this video out from the HDMI output without processing it (ok if it converts an analog signal to digital and passes this out the HDMI out)

4. Has a pre-amp output jack

5. Supports 7.1 Surround Sound

I will primarily use the receiver for HD Cable, Bluray movies, & HD gaming.

Devices that will be connected include:

1. Panasonic Plasma 800U

2. Playstation 3 via HDMI

3. Xbox 360 via HDMI

4. HD Cable Box via HDMI

5. Nintendo Wii via component cables

Appreciate any advice and/or recommendations.

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I am essentially looking for the same things but my price point is under $700.

Everything I have read over the past 5 weeks points me towards the Onkyo 805. Research that and you'll find higher specs and more positive reviews. For whatever those are worth.
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