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Hi Guys, im a newbie here and also a newbie to this game, was hoping to seek some advice from the pros!

We are currently in the process of purchasing a home (now we live in an apartment, and have a 5.2.2 setup in my living room), and i have chosen one of the bedrooms to be a mini home theater (2 seater). The room is currently sort of an L shape but we are planning to knock down that wall to create a rectangular room which will be 11.5ft wide x 14.25 ft long. The room has a fairly sharped angled ceiling with the lowest point being about 11.5 ft high.

I thought of building a ceiling (either plaster board or wooded barn style) as from what ive seen, these angled ceilings can be a hit or miss. the advantage i can see if i go with the barn type ceiling is that i can double up the space above as an attic and the irregularity of the ceiling might help with reflections. I would like to know:

1.) Would it be better to be horizontal (0 degree) or have a slight incline which slopes down from the TV side to the seating side for room acoustics? I reckon i could get up to a 6-10 degree ceiling.

2.) what would be the ideal height of this ceiling? 9 feet is ok?

3.) Im currently using in ceiling atmos speakers, however, if i were to go with a barn type ceiling, i may go with the bookshelves mounted on the ceiling pointed towards to listening position. would this work?

4.) i think my space might be a little small to pull off 7ch surround, so ill stick to 5ch surround for now, but in the future if i do upgrade my AVR, would a .4 atmos work or should i just stick to .2 atmos?

here are some pics of the room for reference.


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