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I recently bought an HD video camera and need advice on the best way to serve up HD video from my library.

Prior to buying the HD camera, I have edited my SD video using PowerDirector on my Windows box and stored the video as mpeg files on my hard drive. I have a mac mini running PLEX (like FrontRow) which pulls these files across my network and displays them on my 52 inch HDTV. This has worked very well in that I can quickly and easily access pictures and videos on a large screen for everyone to enjoy, without storing and managing tapes or disks. I love this convenience.

However, now that all my future video will be shot in HD, I'm wondering if this approach is still viable. I shot some HD test video and generated a 1920x1080 mpeg file using PowerDirector, and displayed it the same way I've done with my SD video. The picture looked "ok", but was definitely inferior to the video displayed directly from my HD camera to the TV. This is true even when I generated the mpeg file using very high bit rates.

Should I conclude from this that I need to write and manage blue ray disks from now on in order to be happy with the video quality? I feel like I'm taking a step backwards and am losing convenience if I have to manage disks or tapes again. Is there some way to manage blue ray files stored on hard disks? Is there some other approach I should be considering?

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