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Need Advice on Speakers for my Game room.

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I've recently purchased a Samsung 50" DLP TV, and Sony DG500 Receiver for my game room. I mainly play Xbox 360, and watch some movies. Right now the speakers I'm using are just what I had laying around, nothing special. I want to get a new Center channel speaker first. I was looking at the Yamaha NC444, or the Sony CH550H. I want to spend somewhere between $80 - $140. Any suggestions on a good center channel speaker in that range?

And I'm getting a 8" Yamaha Subwoofer this weekend from a friend of mine.
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Sounds like you're doing things on the cheap but trying to get most bang for the buck....I've heard nothing but good things about Yamaha speakers in general....I'd give them a listen.
I don't know about these speakers, but just throwing some other options out there. You should really listen to the speakers yourself before making any decisions, if you can.

for a little more
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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