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I have been thinking about trying to upgrade my current set up and am looking for some advice and or input. Current sound is great, but I am looking to take it to the next level.

Current set up is:
Marantz PM6004 integrated amp
Paradigm Studio 20's v4
Marantz UD5007 which is also used to stream music
Apple TV for netflix, itunes, etc...
cheap Fiio DAC for the Apple TV
It's used about 60% for music and 40% for Netflix

The 3 options I am looking at are:
1. Adding a separate AMP in the $500 to $750 range (such as a refurbished Marantz MM7025) to a Marantz SR5005 (which is currently not being used).
I like the sound from the PM6004 more than the SR5005 which is why the SR5005 is not being currently used

2. Purchasing a refurbished Marantz SR7007 for around $650

3. upgrading the speakers to full size speakers in the $2K range

I love the simplicity of the current integrated AMP and the smaller size.
The benefit of going with a receiver is Audyssey, integrated DAC and the ability to integrate a sub if needed. Although the current Studio's put out more than enough bass for me, I know a sub will alleviate them having to do all of the work and will help them excel at the mid's and high's.
One concern I have with going with a separate amp is current space limitations in my set up.
That is also a slight concern with the SR7007 due to its large size.
I am trying to keep things as neat and streamlined as possible.

Any advice on the 3 options? I know option #3 is a lot more than the others but for some reason I have less hesitation with dropping the extra money on speakers than the electronics.
Or will these changes not have any appreciable impact on the sound?


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I don't think a seperate amp would help you.

I would like to see you get a nice quality subwoofer.

Try out the sr5005 with the sub and your Paradigms.

If you still want to upgrade then look at the sr7007

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You need to ask yourself, what are you trying to accomplish from the upgrade?

The other way to ask the question is to identify what is missing from your current setup.

SR5005 vs SR7007 - don't think they will sound much different, buy them only if you want to play your speakers slightly louder (because SR5005 is rated at 100w 8ohm and SR7007 is at 125w 8ohm) or if you want the features that can be found on SR7007 but not on SR5005

Separate Amp - if you think you are getting enough loudness from PM6004, then a separate amp really does not make a difference

Different Speakers - This will make the biggest difference sound wise, for better or worse, that's another matter, mabe you will like the new speakers better than the Studio 20v4, maybe not, you won't know until you actually bring new speakers home

If you do watch movies and tv, do get a sub and use AVR instead of the PM6004 to get proper LFE signal and proper bass management (so your studio 20v4 will truly be relieved of the low frequency duty

Another thing to try is to use pure direct mode of your sr5005 and compare to pm6004 to see if it is the DSP section of the Sr5005 you don't like

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Thanks for the feedback so far!

grasshoppers - I do have a SVS PB-1000 sub. I felt like the sound from the PM6004 without a sub was cleaner and played louder than with the sub and the SR5005. It's hard to do a fair A/B test between them though since its not easy to swap everything out. I might have to go back to the sub and SR5005 set up though just to confirm my initial thoughts.
The other issue I would have with this set up is placement of the sub. There really is no discrete area to place the sub. The current set up is in my living room and the layout is not ideal at all, but I am trying to work with what I have.

justthinking - my main goal is to improve the overall sound. Sometimes the music sounds a little flat to me and I am looking for more of a lively, immersive sound. I want to be "in" the music.
I will also try out the pure direct mode again to see if that makes a difference between the 2 amps. Generally though when I use this mode on either one the overall sound seems muddied to me. My ears tend to like brighter speakers though.

zieglj01 - any suggestions? I generally listen to classic rock, heavy metal, EDM, alternative and reggae.

Thanks again for the input so far.

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It's probably the low end that you're missing. Studio 60's would help some. Having some kind of sub would as well. The range of those Studio 40's is impressive given their size (±2dB from 54 Hz - 22 kHz), but that's probably what you're missing. You could also try adding some room treatments.
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