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Hi Everyone,

Been reading here for weeks, first to help me with purchase of my Panasonic PT-53x54, then with my Yamaha RX-V750. I am completely satisfied with both selection so far... Now I'm on to surround speakers!

I plan to use my older Infinity SM82's for the front. I'm in an apartment, so no sub for now. I'm also going to wait on the centre channel. Eventually, I will add sub, centre and replace the fronts with a matched set. The room is about 12x20, and unfortunately, my home theatre is set up across the short dimension. Usage is 80% movies, 20% music. I will only be in this apartment for another 5 months, so I want to make a purchase that will be generally preferred for most setups. Because of the room layout, I can't really get the speakers behind the seating position.

I have auditioned several bookshelf speakers (PSB Image, Klipsch RB's, KEF forgotten model numbers, Athena ASB1/2's, Paradigm Titans). Of this group, I seem to prefer Paradigm and KEF, although I heard them in different stores. My budget is in the CAD$300 - $350 range. I'm leaning towards the Paradigms. I know speaker sound is subjective. I think my questions are more about best practices.

1) Most of the speaker reviews I have read are evaluating these speakers for the fronts. Since I want to use them as surrounds, I'm not sure how to know how big/loud I need them to be. Is bigger necessarily better? Maybe the Atoms would suffice and save me some coin getting me closer to adding a sub/centre? How heavy is the demand on the surround speakers when watching movies? Listening to 2-channel music?

2) Should I be considering the dipole/bipole? If I understand correctly, they are not as good for music, so my thoughts were that the regular bookshelf speakers would be more general purpose, and if I eventually wanted to get the dipole/bipoles for movies, I could use my bookshelf speakers for the rear for a 7.1 arrangement. Does this make good sense?

3) Centre channel - I have read you can sometimes use the tv set speakers for the centre channel. I have also read that the Panasonic speakers in the x54 suck, and I concur. So I'm guessing to use them as a surround, even if it is possible, is a bad idea. It may also be a bad idea to use my existing Infinity fronts for centre. Which solution would be less bad?

Hope this all makes sense. Look forward to feedback.

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