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Here is my setup. I have yamaha avr 2010 setup for my main home theater with 5.1 speakers . This one is on the upper story.

Downstairs, I have set up my old Yamaha HTR 5860 in cabinet. It is hooked to 5.1 in ceiling speakers. Also on speaker B of this receiver, it is connected to in ceiling speakers for other rooms. In all I have 7 different rooms with 2 speakers per room. The audio out from speaker B is connected to device which controls the resistance to the speakers and splits the signal into 8 outputs. I'm using 7 of these to connect audio to these 7 rooms. Each room has it volume control knob.

The issue is when Yamaha 5860 does not have dual volume control. I can use either stereo speakers in 7 rooms or use my 5.1 setup separately controlling the volume. When I use both together the volume in 5.1 is way to higher than rest of 14 speakers. I found a way to manually reduce the level of surround 5.1 speakers but when I use this only 5.1 alone, I don't get good volume and have to manually increase the volume. I am tired of this and want to do upgrade and that's where I need some advice.

Since I have lost the volume control knob of my 5860, I don't want to swap it with aVR 2010.

The other two options come to mind is, add a cheap. Stereo amplifier between 5860 and device which splits the signal to 8 outputs. Or

Buy a new receiver under 500 which can have dual zone volume control. Added advantage would be that it would have hdmi plus network .

Can I bring the audio from upstairs amp to downstairs via wireless ?

What do you guys suggest I need to do? Is their another option which I can use . Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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