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Need advise on an inexpensive 5.1 setup using inwalls.

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I am looking for a nice sounding set of in-walls for the left, center, right and a set of in-ceilings for the surrounds. I have read a lot of positives about the Dayton sub (10") and might be looking to pair the new 12", due out in the next week or so, with whatever I decide on. Can anyone give me advice on whether the speakers listed from Parts Express are any good? Should I be cautious about spending less than a certain amount for speakers? i.e.

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Do a search for inwalls here, there are several recommendations. Go with an enclosed in-wall speaker.

Budget is really about what you want to spend... the better speakers do tend to cost more. If at all possible listen to all speakers you are considering in an environment as close to your own as possible. You can spend anywhere from a couple hundred per pair - to thousands per speaker. It all depends on your own tastes.

For the inwalls/inceilings the only speakers I've heard in a real room environment have been the Triads, and I like them a lot.
Take a look at www.ubid.com and see if they still have the Klipsch RCW-5 or RCW-3 speakers. I bought a pair of the RCW-5s but have not installed them yet. They have the 8" driver and the RCW-3s have the 6.5" driver. The 5s were $259 per pair plus shipping and the 3s were something like $189 or $199 a pair. They are both part of the Reference line but we discontinued. Excellent quality. About 60% off list price.

I would avoid in-ceiling speakers for your surrounds. If you can, try to get five matching speakers. If you have to buy three pairs, sell one speaker to someone else in the same situation or keep it as a spare.

They have some other Klipsch at www.ubid.com but if the RCWs are not there if possible wait a week or two to see if the RCWs come back. They are better than the other stuff.
You may want to check out Aperion Audio's new In-Walls and In-Ceiling speakers. Both feature 6.5" woofers, and 1" adjustable tweeters. $150 each.
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