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I live in Australia and I've just bought a new house and would like to use one of the rooms as a home theatre.

I would like some advice/ideas on how best to utilise the room and the equipment I've got.

The room is 4.6 metre x 6.7 metre long with polished wooden floor.

The house is an A frame, so the ceiling is partly raked. The wall I'd like to project on is about 3.5 meters long.

I've got existing equipment:

1. Denon 2113CI receiver

2. Epson TW6000W projector

3. Dali Concept 6 floor standing speakers

4. Dali Concept 1 rear speakers

5. Dali Concept SUB

6. Dali Concept Centre

7. Popcorn Hour A400 as a source

8. A pair of monoprice 8" in-ceiling speakers ( http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=109&cp_id=10837&cs_id=1083703&p_id=4929&seq=1&format=2 )

The questions I have are:

1. What size screen should I get? I've got a fixed 110" screen at my old house, but don't like the glare I get from the screen.

2. The projector is 16:9 native, so should I stick to that aspect ratio?

3. Should I use the Monoprice in-ceiling speakers to make a 7.1 system or should I use these instead of the Dali Concept 1s - The in-ceilings would work better physically since the ceiling is raked and would make mounting the Concept 1s awkward. But, if the Concept 1s are better, I'd prefer to do that.

4. Any recommendations for screens with little glare

I am trying to work out the best configuration with the equipment I've got.

Thanks in advance


upstairs-lounge.jpg 77k .jpg file


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