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I currently have a Vizio VX37L (720P) and am looking to upgrade to a 1080P LCD (most likely a 40-inch).. First things first. Do you think it is worthwhile to do this? I've heard it's a lot better but really don't want to get home and realize it's not that much of an improvement. I mainly use my PS3 and Dish Network HD DVR...

I've taken a look at three different manufacturers' models - Sony Bravia - Sharp Aquos and Samsung.. Out of the three, I like the Sony models the best, but they are the most expensive. In particular, I'm debating between the KDL-40S4100 and the 40W4100. There's a $500 price difference between the two, but the W model has the 120hz, among other things. Is the 120hz worth the price? Can someone explain the difference between 24P and 120hz and it's advantages/disadvantages?

The Sharp Aquos LC42D64U seems to be pretty good as well - in between the price range of the two Sony 40-inch models I mentioned. How does that stack up compared to the Sonys? And what about the Samsung models? I haven't done much research on those, but should I take a more serious look at them?

One final question - I've noticed that some of these are HDMI 1.3 while others don't mention the HDMI version. Does anyone know if the Sony S-Series, V-Series or W-Series are 1.3? Am I wrong to assume that it's pretty important to get a LCD that has HDMI 1.3, especially as I have a PS3?

thanks in advance for your help,
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