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I currently have a 60 inch Sony Wega 3LCD Projection 1080i tv.

I have always loved the TV until this past weekend when i went over to a friends house who has a 52 inch Samsung LCD we were watching the Eagles Cowboys game on. A few friends warned me before i went over how amazing his TV looked. They have watched blurays on his tv the last few weeks. I thought these people were just not used to watching HD tv's and i would be underwhelmed since i have a sony 60 inch hd set at home.

Well here is where my current situation changed. I couldnt stop staring at how bright and colorgul his tv looked. And being the tech nerd i am i am now thinking if i should buy one. He bought it a few months ago when Best Buy had a tv/bluray special for $1999. I dont think its a top of the line LCD.

Now my friend who used to have the exact same TV as me keeps trying to sell me on buying a Panasonic 50 inch plasma like he just bought for about 900. Its the 720p model.

Most reviews say that plasmas have a better picture than LCD's. But i cant explain why but his tv was probably the most clear bright set up a have ever seen in a house. So much that the first thing i did when i got home was try to adjust my TV settings to make it brighter. Well it didnt work.

So now what i am wondering is what the opinion is of others that may have went from either plasma or sony LCD projection TV's to Samsung LCD's.

Should i just be happy with what i have or look to move down 8 inches to get a 52 samsung lcd? or maybe go with the panny plasma. Also worth mentioning is that his tv was playing the game through his comcast hd cable box with component hookups. It really looked like what i would consider 1080p.
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