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need an affordable atmos pre/pro or receiver

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I'm looking for an affordable pre/pro or receiver that would act as a pre pro. for 7.2.4. I own a mini dsp 88a and emotiva amp. most likely buying another amp for the atmos speakers soon. i am unhappy with all my receivers in the past, all have some noise at reference level that only gets worse with higher volume. currently using a receiver that sounds good until about -10db after that it has dsp noise. 2.0 channel mode is great on this unit but 2.1 or higher and it hissy at higher than -10db. wanted to find a unit that would eliminate this. With the amp and minidsp dirac live i only need bare bones decoding. Would prefer xlr inputs but really if it can give me +10db pure sound in atmos or any other mode I'll be happy. also Hdmi 2.0b. again lookng for affordable hence why I'm considering a receiver for the pre/pro.
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If you have ground loop issues, get an isolator.
Are you sure its not clipping when you are all the way up at -10dB?
Or the minidsp/poweramp/additional cabling thats the problem?

Not saying its not the AVR but asking if you have checked out other possibilities.
Checked for ground loop issues with just using the receiver, in short it will hiss at higher volumes with nothing except a power cord. Multiple power cords and outlets even used a grounding cable. All speakers hiss with different brands both 99db sensitive and Polk tsi 200 which are maybe at best 90db sensitivity. Using 12 awg heavily insulated wire for the longer runs of wire. And best evidence is 2.0 channel direct mode gets to +10db with no noise. Btw if I did not mention the noise is a hiss you can hear when paused or nothing is plugged in at the high volumes. The speakers can handle 1000 watts for the front and the surrounds 450 watts all rms. So speakers are perfect, Dirac live is perfect and amp is perfect, well I wouldn’t mind more power for overhead and potential but weak point right now is by far the noisy dsp on the receiver. Hoping for a holiday buy as I spent a a few thousand recently. Was hoping to find a receiver or pre pro around 500-1200 new either last year model or current. Just didn’t know if there was any good options and most places I look a pre pro is $2000-$5000
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I doubt you'll find a preamp/processor in your budget range that is only one year old. I've used AVRs as pre/pros many times over the years, a few of them had some noise, one Denon I recall was kind of noisy, and an older H/K. Most of them have been very quiet. My current AVR is a Yamaha RX-A2070. I use it in a 5.2 setup with it driving the center and surrounds. No noise to report. My last 3 AVRs have all been Yamaha, none have been noisy. I sold 2 of them to family members, and those are still going strong, and zero DSP noises.
With 99db efficient speakers I would think most any AVR could drive those speakers just fine without an external amp.
They can get pretty loud without an amp but I wanted to get Dirac live and best way was mini dsp but it required an amp as you can’t send the signal back to the receiver. Plus higher and cleaner power doesn’t hurt with an amp. Plus I can keep the amp probably for many many years and just buy a bare bone processor cause with Dirac I don’t even need room correction or eq functions literally just decide and send out the signal. I’ve spent 500-800 on receivers in the past each was ok each was acceptable until higher volumes, either dsp issue or just other issues like not hdmi 2.0b for 4k hdr. My current receiver has 2.5 years warranty left but I borrowed a friends that is the newer version. It went from clean at -10db to clean at -4db so better but what is the chance both are dud onkyos. Cost to ship the onkyo and not for sure it would be fixed to even reference level. I’m looking to buy something else. I don’t care about brand or anything other than it can do atmos and other modern decoding has 4K hdr support and is clean to +10 dB which is louder than I need cause that like 120db with my speakers but I want that ability as it shouldn’t cost $2000. Saw a marantz 6013 new for $900 right in the middle budget with pre outs. Would this be clean power? Any issues to be worried about or better options??
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