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Need an LCD TV

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Looking for a LCD TV.

What can you guys recommend?

Will also be using the TV screen as a computer monitor (internet) and gaming.

I'd like to have 1080p and at least 40 inches big.

I never owned an HDTV before so I dont really know much about what to look for.

Anything recommendations?
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I'm in the same situation as you...doing my research right now trying to figure out what to get. I'm trying to figure out which TV is going to be the most problem free right now. I'd hate to get a version or model of TV that has had a ton of known problems and make it difficult for myself.
Surprised that you have not received responses. If you make a list of the possible models that fit your needs, you can check each of the various threads to get a reading on the issues with that particular unit.

You need to remember that many of the people here are perfectionists. You need to look at all the reviews / issues and then make your own decision. Look at other forums to get other views.

That being said, I looked at the reviews here and talked to various salesmen. They tended to say that you should stay with one of the "S" manufacturers. That is Samsung, Sony or Sharp. However, Ken Cranes and others did mention that the new LG LBX was a great unit. They did not think the older LGs were that good.

When I bought mine I did have some constraints. Had to minimize the size so that it would fit in the space that we had. That eliminated the Sony (very large bezel). The Sharp only came in the 40 inch whereas the Samsung and the new LG were 42 inches. Ultimately decided on the LG. Have had it about a week and am very happy.

Good luck in your decision.
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Thanks! Kinda helps narrow the already broad search down a bit...Good advice, I appreciate it.
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