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Need assistance - Re: Klipsch - Polk

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Well I am set on the newest generation Klipsch Synergy F3. The only problem is that the only place that seems to carry them is Best Buy, and they are $800 a pair and not even reference speakers! That is just entirely too much for me but I love the way they sound. Is there anything comprable or in the same class as the F3s?? I like the Polk RTi-8 or the Polk line as a whole for a substitute for Klipsch. FOr now I'm just interested in a 2.1 setup with 2 floor speakers and a 10" sub.
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IMO, no.

The Synergy may not be "reference", but you may find they will waste most others at their price point... that's of course entirely up to your ears. But if you want my opinion, no sub-1000 dollar pair of floorstanders can touch the syns.

The Klipsch devel team is extremely proud of the Synergy. They deliver above their rather modest price tag.

FWIW, I have the older Synergies for my HT (the non-blingy ones ;) ) and I have no desire to move "up" to the Reference line. When I do move up it'll be either Klipsch Cornwall IIIs (new) or Altec Valencias/Santiagos (used) Or Fortes, used...

You're starting as I did, with a pair of the big ones. Later on, when yours replaced mine, I scored a pair of SB2 bookshelves and a SC1 center for a song on closeout, and completed the set.

You want a heretical thought? I like my SF2s almost as much as I like my Klipsch Fortes. The Fortes were 2500/pr when new, and that was almost 20 years ago... yeah, I think Syns are that good. :)
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If you are looking for value for money, look no further than Athena. You can get a pair of AS-F2's from Audio Advisor for around $400, and they are awesome. (IMO they sound better than the Synergy's, and for that matter better than most speakers less than $1500-$2000.) Their subs are also excellent and affordable.
well today i went to bb solely with the task of listening to the f3s and seeing what kind of steup they were running on their demo units. well in the klipsch section they only had the f1 and f2 and i must say that i was VERY impressed with the f2s. they almost sound as if you don't even need a sub at all! their f3s were a part of one of these grand demo units so i couldnt really test just the speakers but if theyre any step up from the f2, i would almost go as far as to not get a sub because on the 3rd floor, i could see my neighbord getting very mad at me very quickly. not to mention it was being driven with a mediocre yamaha reciever. the jazz demo sounded very clear and better than anything ive heard in a while (not an expert at all). so i think i will be just doing some F3s with a Pioneer 1015 reciever. simple and very good on bass without getting evicted.
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