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I know these threads have been beaten to death but I am in over my head with options. I am building a surround sound setup for mainly video games and movies but I would like a system to listen to music as well.

I just bought a set of Infinity speakers

2 Primus 150's

2 Beta 20's

1 PS8

I am planning on getting a center channel, most likely a Beta model. I would also like to run (if possible) a Aura Bass Shaker for my GT5 driving rig through the AVR (not a different amplifier). I dont need 3d support but I do watch lots of blu-rays.

I used to own an Onkyo and didnt really like the operating temperature and would like to avoid that if possible. My price range is in the 300-400 dollar range (with some give). Looking through the 350-400 range threads I kind of had my eyes set on a Yamaha 667 but I would like to research some alternatives and have some good receivers to compare. Can you guys give me some suggestions on other receivers that would fit my needs.

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