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Hi folks, i am new to these forums.

I am interseted in purchasing a front projection system.

I have read lots on DLP and LCD....and a little on DILA.

My question lies in what format is best and what kind of quality i will be getting for my dollar.

My only source will be progressive dvds and future HDTV broadcasting.

Room light will be at my control, so that shouldnt be a real concern.

I know i want a 16x9 screen.

My budget needs to stay within $9000 for screen and projector, but can go higher if there is a huge difference in quality.

what should i be looking at? DLP? CRT ? DILA?

what does a good screen cost me?

What brands should i consider?

And here is the biggest question...

I have seen good lookign RPTVs and am wondering how these front projectors are going to compete with them in picture quality. will i be blown away? or is RPTV still better at producing a great colorful picture. I havent had the chance to see any of this new technology, but i wanted to get an idea of other peoples perceptions and make sure i will be shopping for the right thing.

Any explanations would be very helpful comparing RPTVS to these new front proj technologies.

I will be using a proceed progressive dvd player.

things that concern me in this realm are: fan noise, dead pixels, actually seeing the pixels, and jagged edges.

what product should i look at?

what sizes of screen do you recommend? What brand?

thanks in advance..

danny in houston
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