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Existing equipment:
  • Hitachi rear projection tv. (center)
  • Carver AL-III Plus ribbon speakers (front & built-in subwoofers)
  • Polk Audio RT3 speakers (rear)
  • Audio Source SW One (subwoofer)
  • Pioneer VSX-D5095 Receiver (dolby, dts, 5.1)
  • Panasonic DVD-RV22
  • Airport Express - stream music
  • Synology Disk Station DS211J - media server - new
  • CISCO Linksys E4200 dual band router - new

Obviously, equipment acquired over the years. Love the Carvers for listening to music, and since they reside in the same room as the tv (smaller home), they became the fronts.

Plans: We're in the market to upgrade the tv, center speaker, DVD player, receiver (it's volume control is failing) and possibly add a separate media receiver if we don't care for the one in the LG LW5700 tv we're probably buying. End system will be 3D capable, and used for listening to music, display photos, home video, and stream tv/movies from Netflix and the like.

Question: I know the Carvers are 4ohm and everything else 8ohm, so we have an ohm impedence, but it's never seemed to be a problem other than possibly causing the receiver's volume control to fail... I'm not looking to upgrade the other components to match the quality of the Carvers (too much $), but have no idea how to pick a center for them. I've considered the JBL Balboa Center as I can get it very reasonably. What do you think, or other suggestions?

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SUnfire (also by Bob Carver) makes a center channel speaker with planar transducer that many people have mated with ALS-III's

search for Sunfire CRM or CRS model lines at sunfire.com
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