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Need cheap speakers to use with XR-70

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Hi all, long time lurker here. After taking the recommendation of many folks here, I purchased a SA-XR70 from Onecall for $239 open-box. Now, I need some inexpensive speakers to go with it. I am looking to spend less than $150 a pr (preferably around $100/pr) and am looking for bookshelves right now and a center channel. My plan is to use the bookshelves for the time being in my apartment, then use the bookshelves as rears and get floorstanders as fronts at some point down the road. With all that being said, how would you rate the following:

Polk R15

Infinity Primius 150's or 160's

Infinity Entra One

Infinity TSS-SAT750

Klipsch SB-1

Anything else you would recommend? TIA.
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Look at the JBL Northridge series as well. My whole system is based off them.
Have you heard the Athena Technology speakers? I think they are pretty good bang for the buck.
Yeah, I just saw the Athena Micra 6 at Best Buy for $299. While this might be a bit out of my price range, would this setup be better than say Infinity Primus 150's with an Infinity center channel and a comperable sub?
I can't answer that since I have not listened to those Infinity's, but a friend of mine picked up the Micra system and I was fairly impressed for the money spent.


However, if you are looking to build on a system by moving speakers around in the future, the Micra system may not be the right choice as the sub and satellites are pretty much a matching deal not really intended, IMHO, to be upgraded.
Have you seen this thead? :


You might be suprised at the result.... ;)
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