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Last night, my home theatre system decided to go belly up. I'm not sure what is wrong and could use some advice on how to debug it.

Here's a general description of my setup:


Pioneer DVD Player

Lexicon DC1 audio processor

CrystalImage scalar


Electrohome 8000

The DVD Player sends audio and video to the DC1. The DC1 is connected to the CrystalImage scalar.

The DTC100 takes input from a cable tv tuner box and a yagi antennae in my attic. Audio from the DTC100 goes via toslink to the DC1. Video from the DTC100 goes to a VGA a/b switch. Video from the CrystalImage also goes to the VGA a/b switch. Video then goes from the a/b switch to the CRT.

When I want to watch DVDs, I switch the A/B switch to channel A and the DC1 to VCR1. When I want to watch TV, I switch the A/B switch to B, the DC1 to TV, and then the DTC100 to the appropriate "antennae" (either the cable input or the yagi antennae).

Everything was working fine Wednesday night -- DVDs, cable, OTA. It's been fine for months. Last night I wanted to watch OTA. I turned on the system and it was set to cable. I got video and audio fine. I switched the DTC100 to the OTA antennae, and lost video. I verified that everything looked ok, but couldn't get video. I tried to change back to cable, and couldn't get video. In both cases, I was getting audio just fine, but the Electrohome said "no sync".

I then tried to watch DVDs. Made the appropriate switches, got audio, but no video.

I've essentially got two independent inputs: DVD and TV (either cable or OTA). They only come together at the A/B switch and at the projector. So it seems to me the problem is either with the A/B switch, projector, or cable from the A/B switch to the projector. I can replace the A/B switch (it's cheap). But could something have gone wrong with the projector, and if so, how would I know and debug it? I can run a convergence on the projector and all three guns light up. So I'm stumped.


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