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I've been lurking for years... and am now about to begin a few years of planning before the few years of construction. Well, that's how it seems to go for us DIY'ers anyway.

I was hoping the experts here might be able to provide a few ideas and/or validate my own.

My goal here is to create a space that:
  • Is a party spot for kids, adolecents, and adults
  • Services as a "decent" home theatre
  • Allows for adequate storage
  • Provides me with a workshop to support my woodworking hobby.

Here is a capture from sketchup that is pretty close to real world. I included any/all obstructions (lolli columns, duct work, water heater, furnace, water softener, sump pump, breaker panel, FiOS termination box, etc.)


Here is the latest iteration of what I I think I want. It hits all of my "must haves"...


Let me know what you think, I can provide more info if needed and/or provide the .skp files if interested.


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