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Is anyone having any luck playing MKV's on their Echo's?

I'm running Win7Pro64 with Media Center on an i3-3225 (8GB ram) system with an InfiniTV4-PCIe installed in my living room. On that machine I have loaded the Shark007 codec pack (32 and 64 bit) which I updated last week. That system runs well as does an Xbox360 in my kid's media room.

The Echo I have is in my bedroom hooked to an older 720p TV. It's running the latest production firmware. The Echo can play live TV on any HD or SD channel and can play any recording I have (WTV files). However, it's can't seem to play any of my MKVs. It plays the sound just fine but never displays the picture.

My MKV's are typically made by using MakeMKV on a BluRay and then running HandBrake with a video quality setting of 20 and removing all of the non-English audio tracks. I will also typically mux down the English track to ProLogic 2.0. These won't play on the Echo.

If I make MP4's out of them (M4V files), they WILL play on the Echo. MP4's and WMV's all seem to play just fine on the Echo. I don't understand why the Echo has so much trouble with the MKV container. Perhaps it's the splitter that's the problem over on the main Media Center PC? I've tried the Shark007 setting to optimize for a non-Microsoft extender and it seems to make no difference.

My Echo is set to fixed 720p, not to Native. I set it to Native back last year when I got it and it took me weeks to get a picture back.

My network is gigabit over Cat5e between the Echo and the Media Center. I thought I might have a bandwidth problem but I have some 720p MKV's and they don't play video either. Even so, the HD Live TV plays perfectly whether I'm on a 1080i station or a 720p station.

Is there anything obvious that I might be overlooking?

Should I just convert all of my material over to MP4? It would seem that MKV is the most popular container going but it doesn't have native support from Media Center ... no FF or Rewind.
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