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Hey everyone!

I am looking for some advice to get some fronts that match up with my existing (less than stellar) system.

I, unfortunately, have a sub $200 budget to work with. Here is my existing equipment with Spec links...

Receiver - Pioneer VSX-D5095 Specs

Center - Definitive ProCenter 100 - Amazon

Subwoofer - Polk PSW10 Manufacturer Website

I've been looking at a lot of cheap Sony's but from browser the forum they don't seem like a popular choice.

Thanks in advance!

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Originally Posted by ided /forum/post/19506002

Thanks for the quick reply!

Out of curiosity is the Polk center better than the Definitive I have or is it just that much better to have matching components?

Better to have the front 3 speakers match, Not necessary better sounding

If you are ok with Silver speakers, these will match your ProCenter 100 and by with in your budget
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