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I have one 60" and two 32" Samsung smart tvs on the same wall. Here's the break down of connections:
60" is connected via HDMI 1 to Onkyo receiver in media closet via ir. Onkyo has TiVo cable box, Samsung bluray, Apple tv, and PS4. All but PS4 are on ir emitters in media closet, as well. HDMI 2 to floor jack for computer viewing.
32" on cable only
32" on cable and HDMI 1 to floor jack for computer viewing.

What remote do I need to control these three setups independently? Can I use my existing ir setup with an addressable type universal remote? I've seen mention of some sort of ip control, but that looks like a pain to set up.

I need some guidance here. Any help is much appreciated. :)


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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