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Need HDMI DVD player for Pany AE700U

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Hey guys,

I need a good upconverting DVD player to mate with my AE-700U using the HDMI input.

My budget is ~ $250.

I have looked into a few -

Bravo D2 - This was initially my first choice but it seems to be quite buggy from the posts here.

Panasonic S97S - This seems to be the player of choice but needs a lot of firmware upgrades.

Some other players under consideration are -

Sony NS975V

Denon 1910

Samsung HD841

Momitsu V800 / V880

Zenith DVB318

What are the other people here using ? Experiences ?

And I thought, buying the projector would be the hard part....:D

Thanks in advance ! :)


P.S. I am a total noob, so please be gentle :)
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I would say the Panasonic is the one ahead right now, but this will change I am sure in the next month or so as other players get released. I currently have access to the panny and it is a very nice picture, only a couple of firmwares have been released but this is amazing in the short amount of time it has been out. Panasonic is providing Excellent customer service. If I had to buy one right now I would buy the panny s97. Panasonic is releasing a 77s at teh end of march which should be pretty much the same. Also toshiba is releasing a new 5980 and a 6xxx model also. Lots coming down soon. hope this has helped >;)
I hear ya Sachin,

I should have the Sammy 841 in today to try on my new Optoma H31, but I will most likely be sending it back. Lots of bad reviews and hopefully I can confirm tonight. So I am currently looking for an upconverting DVD player and I'm leaning towards either the Denon or the Zenith.
Rob - Thanks for the answer. It definitely helped.

Lenny - Is there a reason why you are specifically not looking at the S97 ?

Also, Can the S97 play burnt DVDs comfortably ?

In their specs it says


This unit can play back Panasonic DVD-R discs recorded and finalized with a Panasonic DVD video recorder. It may not be able to play some DVD-R discs depending on the disc and the condition of the recording.


Have people on this forum had experience with other discs and formats (DVD +R , RW ) ?

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The panny can play almost everything. There has been soem posts about certain Dual Layer discs not working, but I think it has usually be how it is burnt (Software, bit set, etc) www.videohelp.com is a good site to check capabilities, but the only thing the Panny can't do that I would want is it can;t do Divx but nothing out there right now can do everything.
Wow, that's wonderful. Thanks for the link, Rob. I checked it out. It seems it can play just about everything that I'll probably need it to play.

You might have just pushed me over the edge :)

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