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My current TV, a Mitsubishi wd7734 decided to self destruct this thanksgiving. So over the past two days I've started to look for a new tv.

I've narrowed my choices down to two. a Samsung 50 c550 at best buy for $799 and the Panasonic g20 which Sears is running a deal on.

I know I'm taking a big hit on screen size but do to financial limititations this is what I can afford. The panasonic is at the upper range of this, the samsung I'm a little more comfortable with.

I've gone to the stores and viewed both models and out of the everything I've seen these two had the most appealing pictures to me. Mainly I watch strictly blu ray and HDTV, and some minor x box/ps3 gaming.

Sears can deliver the g20 to me for free tomorrow morning. The samsung I would pick up at best buy. I guess my questions with my usage, is the Panasonic that much better and worth about roughly 200 dollars more than the samsung? I know in the stores I went the g20 always looked better then the sammy. I'm just not convinced if over the long run is $200 better.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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